Pure n Natural Honey is a local family-run Bee Keeping business in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Our focus is supplying premium quality, untreated raw honey to you. We own and run all of our own hives in the region selecting only the most pristine natural bush lands for placement of our hives. We also provide bee hive sales and one-on-one bee hive training.

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Our Pure n Natural Honey

Pure n Natural Honey is located in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Our hives are located in carefully selected areas surrounding the Mackay and Whitsunday areas. Our Bee hives are placed in the most pristine bushlands ensuring delicious, premium quality honey.

Pure n Natural Honey is 100% natural, raw honey, nothing added and nothing taken away. We choose not to heat treat our honey (often done with supermarket honey to reduce candying in cooler climates) and in doing so our honey maintains all of the great health benefits honey naturally has to offer.

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Beehive sales and training.

Interested in Beekeeping? Keith has extensive knowledge in the beekeeping industry and is a wealth of information for one-on-one Beekeeping training. Training packages available as well as beehive sale and Nucs for sale.  Perfect for the beginner Beekeeper.


Nuc hives are now available for pre-order. Enquire by email or phone.

Mackay beehives for sale from Mackay beekeepers.

Local Pollination

Contact us for details.

Beekeeping in Mackay, Australia

The nicest honey I’ve ever tried. I use so much of it. So many health benefits from eating raw honey.


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